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The cut of nail and plumage

Who raises canaries before, above all if she raises determined razze like to example the gloster, or then she must supply alla to tolettare propi the canaries.

In practical the operations to carry out they are simple but they go executed with extreme attention and quickly to the aim not to hurt the canary, and stressarlo less possible being those moments spavantato for the simple fact to have been taken and held in hand.

The only tool that we must have to disposition e' a pair of scissors, large and above all very sharp, if not too much possible with the tips rounded off.

Council to execute the operations of tolettatura in an atmosphere very illuminated and above all with the possibilita' to watch the canary in backlighting.

The main operations are the cut of nails and the cut of the piume. This last one is carried out alone on determined razze to piumaggio folto and/or with forelock.

The nails

Whichever is the raised race, sooner or later, bisognera' to resort to the cut of nails. These grow visibly, not having the canary in cage the possibilita' to consume them as it happens in nature.

The operation e' of for if simplest,  but must place attention in how much the vascolarizzata nail e' and therefore, if we cut for error the blood vase, we hurt the subject that sanguinera'.

In case of incident, will be sufficient of the paper of whichever kind (possibly hygienic that is daily paper NOT the LETTERPRESS) bathed with disinfectant, to apply on the cut. The bleeding it stops nearly immediately (holding firm the wounded part) After a ten of minuteren to verify that the sanguinamento is finished and to proceed to the separation of the paper inumidendo it with disinfectant or in lack with water. In commerce however they are reperibili of the haemostatic ones even if paper works dearly

In order to avoid this disadvantage, enough to observe the nail in obvious backlighting and sara' the vein (red zone) and the part not blood vessels ( white zone ). To this point will be to the cut, that it goes clearly executed in way, and put the scissors to acute angle cutting from the other back the bottom so as to to form one e' naturally present tip that in the canary.


 Nail example to cut

The Feathers

As far as the piumaggio, the various speech e' and goes only faced for some razze.

The scope e' that one to facilitate the canary in its functions and therefore andra' operated in two various moments.

Raising canaries with abundant piumaggio like to example the gloster, it must control to aim dumb if the forelocks, or sopracciglia the nei subjects consort, are too much abundant and prevent al canary of having a good field of vision, what that renders it piu' impacciato nei movements and nei relationships with its similar ones.

To such aim provvederemo to cut to the excessive part of the piumaggio making much attention not to hurt the little animal and not to leave average piume that they could become pericolese procurando greater damage.

In period pre connections, we will proceed to the cut of the piune of the sottocoda so as to to facilitate the unions.

Some expert breeders proceed also to the reduction of the feathers of the sex organ, but above all for who he attempts for the first times in these operations, council lively to avoid accurately to cut the piume cloacali, being they of fundamental importance in the connection.

we will proceed therefore to sfoltire only the piune lateral thus leaving piu' exposed the cloaca.

Council to blow repeatedly on the feathers while it is proceeded to the cut, so as to to clearly eliminate those gia' cut and contextually to have a blow of eye more' of the state of fact.


 Example of cut plumage