Raise the stick


Got unfortunate that some canarina is not a good MOTHER AND NOT imbecchi enough the own small.

Another possibility is to raise a Canarino by reducing or eliminating the fear that has of man, so that it can keep freely in the apartment a little how to do with the parrots.

In both cases it should have it power what which-let us not advance it is quite simple above all for the time that we must devote.

Except the day of birth in pullo in which virtually fasting and go as the Canary in the early days (at least 15) eats every two hours but as a reference just look at the Gozzo and imbeccarlo when it is empty

Pending the food


Neck after have

Whatever the reason that leads us to live this adventure the following instructions may be useful to obtain:-1 syringe insulin to use in the first days-1 syringe will grow when normal'-Cous Cous-natural mineral water


Prepare the couscous with natural water frullarlo TO MAKE IT type pappetta for the first days the compound must be almost liquid then, with the passing of days, the somministrera is more dense to the 15 th day you can add to the dough a little hard-boiled egg, or Savoyard without exaggerating to provide a bit of protein.

Keep the Cous in the fridge and it should be prepared fresh each day logically first to provide it, it must be brought to room temperature quantity required

The last have the evening to as late as possible so that it can spend the night with the Gozzo FULL AND HAS NOT hunger

If the small not in a cage with the parents that however shall keep warm, steps must be taken with pezzette Of wool or better with a lamp, in this case however we must be careful to distance and to shield the light so that the small to sleep

Finally, to avoid the Canarino growing treats by parents the normal behaviour and therefore acquire the natural fear of man, to 10 days, it must be isolated and store alone in another environment. Otherwise the risk is that the small growing beginning to decline the imbeccate not accepting more the syringe andIf the thing is all too soon, before that is that the small can eat only may undermine the work done, especially, if the parents are involved, of losing the small.

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